Riot Radio


As one of the first visual radio stations in North America, Riot Radio brings new technology and diverse programming to the campus community, where students can create their own shows.

With the support of staff, dedicated student volunteers are immersed in virtually every aspect of Riot Radio—they make up our roster of on-air hosts, assistant technicians, and street team volunteers.

To see what’s coming up this week, view our program grid.

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Riot Radio offers volunteer opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. Create and host an on-air show about almost anything—your favourite genre of music, movie, sports, hobbies and more! Stay behind the scenes and operate the latest tech gear. Get out and help spread the word about Riot Radio!

No experience is needed—just enthusiasm! We also ask that you commit to at least one semester.

Please e-mail for applications! Successful candidates will be invited, via email, to audition in-person.

On-air Host
Create & share ideas
Host solo or as a team

Assistant Technician
Operate the gear
Advance your skills

Street Team
Attend events
Interact with students


Where can I watch and listen to Riot Radio?

Riot Radio is an online station. Tune in at, check out the screen outside our studio, or listen in the Durham College Marketplace cafeteria.

Live broadcasts run on weekdays from 9AM until 10PM during the Fall and Winter semesters.

What will I hear (and see) on Riot Radio?

As an open format station, our programming includes a mix of talk, news, entertainment and sports. We play almost every genre of music and feature shows on a diverse range of special interests. Check out our programming schedule to find out what shows are currently on-air.

How do I find out when a show is on?

To see what shows are playing each week, view our program grid.


Gordon Willey Building, B105

Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM

905 721 2000 ext. 6590