Special Interest & Hobbies Clubs

Anime on Campus

This is Anime On Campus for UOIT and DC the only club for anime fans on campus! We host anime showings, cosplay contests, card games and more; if that’s something you want, then you are in the right place.

Email: anime.on.campus@gmail.com


Campus Community Gardens

Promoting/providing accessibility, education, and healthy living to the school community and community at large trough the use of nature and gardening.

Email: Email



Inclusive environment for gamers to compete and meet new friends on campus.

Email: ud.esports@gmail.com


Lanwar X

LANWARX is the second largest LAN event in Canada. We run biyearly LAN tournaments for both competitive and casual gamers. We are open to both students and community members.

Email: lanwarxcontact@gmail.com





Magic the Gathering

We organize and run Magic the Gathering tournaments and events at the University. We can also help to teach new players. Feel free to come down to any of our events if you’d like to learn how to play. To see when events are being held join our Facebook group at “UOIT MTG”.

Email: uoit.dc.mtg@gmail.com


Software and Electrical Engineering Klub (SEEK)

Software and Electrical Engineering Klub (SEEK) holds workshops for teaching students about everything related to software and electrical engineering. We often have guest speakers from industry give workshops/tutorials. Build competitions are also a popular activity for SEEK events. SEEK allows students to share software/electrical projects with students with similar interests.

Email: seekuoitdc@gmail.com



Super Smash Bros. Club

For students, and people in the area, who enjoy competitive Smash Bros.

Email: durhamsmash@gmail.com


Tesla Coil Club

Get together as a student group to discuss common interests of the Tesla coil and other physics topics.

Email: teslacoilclub@gmail.com

The Math Club DC UOIT

The Math Club DC UOIT is welcoming to anyone who has a love of mathematics. An irrational love for all numbers.

Email: the.math.club.dc.uoit@gmail.com


UOIT/DC Billiards Association

The UOIT/DC Billiards Association provides an outlet for students to connect with one another, challenge each other, and build character both on and off the billiard table. Through this we hope to make a difference in the student’s post-secondary experience, and in our community.

Email: uoitdcbilliardsassociation@gmail.com


UOIT/DC Board Games Club

The UOIT/DC Board Games Club is a club for board/card game enthusiasts who seek to socialize and play together in a safe and friendly environment.

Email: uoitdcboardgamesclub@gmail.com


UOIT DC Firearms Association

The UOIT DC Firearms Association is here to promote safe, legal firearms ownership and advocate for firearms owners. We organize events to help students obtain their Firearms Licenses, and help the public understand Canadian firearms laws. We aim to raise awareness of firearms laws in Canada, and de-stigmatize gun ownership.

Email: uoitdcfirearmsassociation@gmail.com


UOIT-DC Kpop Club

The UOIT-DC Kpop Club is a club dedicated for those who like the music genre, Kpop. This club will allow people who have the same interest in music to come together, along with learning the Korean culture and much more. Its top priority is to attract members from the community who have the same interest.

Email: uoit.dc.kpopclub@gmail.com



UOIT-DC Sports Business Association

UDSB’s objective is to bring student’s with a passion for sports together with industry professionals in order to pursue a career in the sports industry.

Email: uoitdc_sb@hotmail.com




The groups’ goal is to create an ongoing community of UAV enthusiasm centered at UOIT and ultimately, have UOIT become a hub for drone activity, promotion, and research.

Email: uoituav@gmail.com