Based on their understanding of the desire of the students of one or both of the two institutions, the SA, DC and UOIT are collaboratively facilitating the process for a separate DC student association and a separate UOIT student association to emerge. This is a fresh start for student leadership to students of each institution. UOIT’s students will have their own student organization for the first time in UOIT’s history, and DC will once again have its own student organization.

An election will be held on March 22-23 with two separate ballots (one for UOIT students and another for DC students). The separate ballots will include a question asking students of the respective institution whether they support the formation of a new association specifically for them. It will also provide an opportunity for the students to elect the Executive and Directors of each of the UOIT student association and DC student association. The positions available are set out below.

No elections will be held to replace the directors and executives of the current SA.

Separate town hall information meetings will be conducted for students of each institution at all campus locations.

This process is based on a Court Order that was issued, reflecting the agreement reached among the SA, DC and UOIT. A link to the Order is provided under the “Resources” heading below.

More details are set out in the Student Association Update that is available under the “Resources” heading below.

Student Association Update
Order of Newbould J. dated February 6 2017
Recording of 24th SA Annual General Meeting
Order of Newbould, J. March 14, 2017 (Appointing Receiver)
Notice to SA re: Receivership
Application Record (Appointment of Receiver)
Endorsement of Hainey_ J. dated January 19_ 2017
Motion Record (returnable March 14_ 2017)
Notice of Appearance – Feb 2_ 2017
Written Endorsement of Newbould_ J. dated February 6_ 2017



February 15, 2017 – February 28, 2017 (now closed)


New UOIT SA Postions
• One President / full-time, paid salary
• Two Vice-Presidents / full-time, paid salary
• Eight Board Directors / part-time, meeting allowance
(One Director for each UOIT Faculty plus one for Graduate School)

Additional details on the duties for the executive and director positions are set out in Framework document attached to the Order of Newbould J (see “Resources” above) or the Nominations Package.


1. Read the Nomination Package.
This document includes everything you need to know about important dates and deadlines, eligibility criteria, campaign rules, and more.

2. Get Your Signatures.
All candidates are required to get a certain number of signatures from the student body they wish to represent. Please refer to the Nomination Package for specific position requirements. Signatures must be captured using the Nomination Form.

3. Complete Your Online Candidate Application.
To complete this form, you’ll need to scan and upload your valid student ID, the completed Nomination Forms, a typed version of the Nomination Form (excluding signatures) for validation purposes, and your signed Media Release form. If you’re a current full- or part-time SA staff member, Executive or Board Director, you will be required to complete a Leave of Absence form. All required forms must be submitted no later than February 28 at 4PM. Early submissions are encouraged.

4. Attend the All Candidates’ meeting on March 6, 2017.
If you cannot attend, be sure to use the Proxy Form to assign a designate. Please complete your Media Release Form and bring to the All Candidates’ meeting.


UOIT Nomination Package
UOIT Nomination Form
UOIT Proxy Form
UOIT Media Release Form
UOIT Leave of Absence Form
UOIT Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Contact our Elections team. Please type ‘ELECTION HELP’ in the subject line.



The official Candidates for the 2017 Elections for UOIT are (listed alphabetically):


  • Abel Shimeles
  • Talib Ali
  • Patrick Kirkwood

Vice President

  • Devakeerth Sivanesan
  • Jack Milne
  • Maverick Baker-Frauchiger
  • Miguel Salaices
  • Wassem Shaath

The following positions are acclaimed:

Director, FEAS

  • Fahad Khalid

Director, Science

  • Kajani  Kathirganthan

Director, Health Science

  • Samantha Fracz

Director, Business and Information Technology

  • Riyad Marhaba


View candidate profiles and interact with candidates online at www.saelectionforum.com.


NEW! This is an official Elections launch event where the CRO will introduce the DRO’s and provide an overview of the elections, the rules, highlight the best practices to be followed, and describe any new features and user experiences to be expected. Candidates will be introduced and voters will be able to connect a name to a face in anticipation to the subsequent on-campus and online campaigning efforts of each candidate.

North Oshawa Election Kick-Off
Tuesday, March 7, 2017 | 12:30PM-2:30PM | UB Atrium

Subsequent to the Elections Kick-off, candidates will be given a chance to elaborate on their Platform or field questions from their constituency. Questions are to be prepared, however, there will be microphones for any supplemental questions from the live audience.

To submit questions to the candidate, please send an email to saelections@dc-uoit.ca with subject title of ‘QUESTION FOR CANDIDATES’.

Downtown Oshawa Candidate Forum
Tuesday, March 14, 2017 | 12PM-2PM | 61 Charles St. 2nd Floor Atrium

North Oshawa Candidate Forum
Thursday, March 16, 2017 | 12:30PM-2:30PM | UB Atrium



You MUST be a current full-time Durham College or UOIT student to vote. Students can only vote for candidates within their institution and/or school/faculty/campus (depending on position).


It’s Your Right
As a full-time student, you pay a membership fee to the Student Association. That fee affords you the right to influence how the SA represents you. Plus, voting takes just a few minutes. It’s the easiest way to have your voice heard.

Choose Your Representatives
When you vote, you’re choosing who will speak for you on issues that matter. You’re putting your support behind the students that will advocate on your behalf. These students will represent you from May 1, 2017 to April 30, 2018.

New UOIT Positions
One (1) UOIT President
Two (2) UOIT Vice-Presidents
Eight (8) UOIT Directors
(One Director for each UOIT Faculty plus one for Graduate School)

Your Vote Is Your Voice
In addition to voting on the candidates, students will vote for or against the following:

Please confirm if you agree with the following:
Durham College students are best served by a Student Association that is comprised of and directed by Durham College students only, with a mandate to focus on providing services primarily to Durham College students.

Yes ☐ No ☐


New Online Voting!
Full-time students will receive full voting instructions at their school email with the new online process. Instead of voting with paper ballots, students will be able to use their laptops, mobile phones, or tablets to vote. There will be voter support stations located around all campuses to assist with any technical issues you may experience while voting. Locations of voter support stations are listed below.

Downtown Oshawa Campus Voter Support Stations
March 22 & 23 | 9AM-4PM
61 Charles Street & Bordessa Hall (1st Floor Study Space)

North Oshawa Campus Voter Support Stations
March 22 | 9AM-4PM
CRWC, ERC, UB Atrium

North Oshawa Campus Voter Support Stations
March 23 | 9AM-4PM
CRWC, ERC, UA Atrium


• The voting system includes fraud analysis capability
• All voters hold accountability for the information sent to their personal student email
• Any sharing of secret voting information will put the original recipient at risk and the candidate receiving that vote will be disqualified. (i.e. you may not forward, screen shot, or share in any other means, your voting credentials)
• Returning Office reserves the right to conduct random checks to ensure the integrity of the process
• All full-time fee paying students will receive 2 emails related to voting. The first will be sent on March 20th to pre-register the recipient and the second will be sent on March 22nd which will include private voting credentials
• Any questions or concerns about voting can be sent to sacro@dc-uoit.ca


Chief Returning Officer
Colin Ramdeen


905 721 1609 Ext. 3998

North Oshawa Campus
Monday-Friday, 9:30am – 3:30pm

Downtown Oshawa Campus
Tuesday, 1:00pm – 4:30pm

The elections team will be visiting each campus during the elections period. Appointments can be made at saelections@dc-uoit.ca


Congratulations to all candidates for an excellent run in this year’s elections.

Please find the results of the 2017 UOIT Student Association General Elections below.

Results are preliminary and will be made official pending no outstanding violations / appeals involving any candidate and ratification by the board.


I support the establishment of a new and separate student association for UOIT students, comprised of and directed by UOIT students, representing UOIT student interests, and providing services to UOIT students.
Please respond “yes” or “no” to the following question:


  • YES- 1434
  • NO- 127


President Candidates

  • TALIB Ali- 659
  • PATRICK Kirkwood- 476
  • ABEL Shimeles- 338

Vice President Candidates

  • MIGUEL Salaices- 757
  • WASSEEM Shaath- 605
  • DEVAKEERTH Sivanesan- 369
  • MAVERICK Baker-Frauchiger- 345
  • JACK Milne- 246

Director, Faculty of Health Science
Sammi Fracz

  • YES- 198
  • NO- 23

Director, Faculty of Science
Kajani (Shrome) Kathirganthan

  • YES- 124
  • NO- 27

Director, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
Fahad Khalid

  • YES- 384
  • NO- 57

Director, Faculty of Business and Information Technology
Riyad Marhaba

  • YES- 191
  • NO- 60

The Official Results will be released after all appeals have been heard!

Any questions or concerns about voting can be sent to sacro@dc-uoit.ca

Best of Luck!