Mission & Principles


The SA is dedicated to providing superior advocacy, service and support to the full-time students of Durham College and UOIT.


Our mission is guided by a set of principles that ensure the SA operates in the best interest of our student members while remaining democratic, inclusive and equitable. Those principles are:

  • To organize students on a democratic basis to advance the interests of students and the student community;
  • To provide a platform where students can communicate, exchange information and share experience, skills and ideas;
  • To bring students together to discuss and achieve change wherever decision-making affects students;
  • To enrich the learning experience of students through services that provide what students need while developing a sense of community among students;
  • To act as the voice of the student body and ensure the rights of students are protected;
  • To work toward the goal of a post-secondary education system that is accessible to everyone and values the rights of students;
  • To build an environment free from oppression and discrimination in all of its forms.